"The Walking Dead" fans will know more about Mary (Denise Crosby) and probably what she was really cooking at Terminus when the mega-hit AMC zombie show returns for its fifth season this October.

And while Crosby would not drop any spoilers, she was generous to treat viewers with some clues about her character.

When asked by Moviepilot ahead of her appearance at Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta if the show created a backstory for Mary, the 56-year-old actress answered, "You're going to find that as the season begins these moral conflicts will come out, this real determined, soulful woman that she is. This is the beauty of how Scott Gimple writes, he goes for these very deep, layered, human obstacles that they're up against, and the stories we tell ourselves to make the world seem right."

She continued, "It was an interesting process because so little is revealed to you as you're coming to the show and between seasons because they're so protective of everything- I had to really sit down with Scott and have him talk to me at length about Mary and about Terminus, and about what it all really means."

Crosby first appeared at the end of Season 4 Episode 15, "Us," where her character welcomes Glenn, Maggie, Bob, Tara, Sasha, Abraham, Eugene and Rosita at Terminus.  Mary greets the group and offers them a meal as she tends to a grill with large slabs of meat.

Mary was "creepy, calm and welcoming" in the scene, according to Moviepilot, but Crosby admitted that she did not know how well she was acting that part. "But that seems to be the general consensus," she said. "I was really going for just a genuine welcoming - but what is she not saying, you know? And that was there."

Some fans are suspecting that folks at Terminus are cannibals, and what Mary was cooking was in fact human meat, Examiner reported.

But viewers may also find themselves sympathizing with Mary, Gareth and the rest of the Terminus people once the backstory of the so-called sanctuary was laid down next season.

"The Walking Dead" Season 5 premieres Oct. 12 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

Listen to Crosby's half-hour interview below: