Bogus iPhone 6 Debuts in China: How To Spot The Original From The Fake

Two Weibo users in China released images and videos of a supposed working iPhone 6 before the rumored release of the device, Tech Times reported.

The leaked images of the device looked convincing and even featured the sleeker and rounded external design of the 4.7-inch version of Apple's iPhone 6. However, a few details suggest that the alleged iPhone 6 is only a clone.

First, the owner of the smartphone in question claims that the device runs on iOS 8. However, a closer look on the device will show that the device is powered by Android sporting an iOS 8 skin, according to KDramaStars.

Also, the Clock icon of the device featured in the videos has hands that are much longer than the ones in original Apple smartphones and even extends over the numbers.

Even though Apple's iPhone 6 will use the iOS 8, the company has decided to retain the Clock app icon. This is the same icon used with the iOS 7 when the operating system debuted in October of last year.

The second telltale sign that the device in the video is a clone is its internal storage capacity. Based on the images, the smartphone is equipped with 56GB of storage space. However, the 64GB versions of out-of-the-box iPhone's have an available space of 57.4GB.

Also, despite the 56GB capacity of the alleged iPhone 6, a closer inspection revealed it only has 55.3GB of available space.

Since the device unveiled in the video does not have music, photos, videos or any other third-party apps installed, the discrepancy of the missing 700MB of space raises a few questions regarding the authenticity of the device.       

The original iPhone 6 from Apple is rumored to be released tomorrow, Sept. 9, during the company's mysterious event. Various reports indicate Apple will unveil the 4.7 and 5.5-inch versions of its latest product along with the smart watch, which is currently dubbed as the iWatch, Mashable reported. 

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