Who doesn't love the simple and ease of a topknot?

Sure the perfect blowout or twistout are both ideal and must try styles, but when you're super busy and your hair is the last thing on your mind, you need a simple yet chic way to style it.

Now, we must add our own hair care disclaimer here and remind topknot lovers everywhere that this super chic style, if worn often enough, can start to damage your hairline.

Remember to protect the edges and permieter of your hair by giving these most vulnerable tresses a break from the tension of a tight bun or ponytail sometimes. You might even wanna rock your topknot with bangs as a protective option.

With that said the Top Knot is the ideal style for any occasion as it can easily be paired with a dressed up or down ensemble for the perfect look.  

One of our favorite go-to experts Jenny Balding, NYC Cutler/Redken Stylist, recently shared with us how to achieve this look. Check out her tips, along with pics of our choice celeb faves who rock this style with sizzlin' sass:

Balding first revealed a key tip to us about achieveing your ideal topknot. "For best results, start with day two hair onwards as your hair will be easier to manage with an already 'lived -in' texture," she said.

Balding then instructs to mist hair with dry shampoo, focusing primarily on the roots mainly - this will give your hair more texture, grip and volume. Then mist a light hairspray throughout for some hold and grip.

Now comes the styling part. "Sweep your hair into high ponytail," Balding said. "Keep checking what it looks like from your profile so you position ponytail in the most flattering point of your head for your face shape." Great tip!

You'll then want to take the ponytail and back-brush from the underneath lightly - this creates a slight disheveled texture.

"Sweep around the base of the ponytail and pin using 'U'-shaped hairpins," the stylist said. "These really anchor the hair best which means you will only need 2 or 3 to secure."

"This creates the perfect topknot that looks ultra stylish and works for any event." Remember you can make it as messy or as neat as you like.

Using any of these tips for your next topknot? Tell us with a note below!