Calling all naturalistas! Considered one of the best go-to, protective, and stylishly effective styles, the twist out is a beloved fave among many natural crowns. With minimal maintenance and a few hair care essentials, this style is a great way to add definition, volume, and flair to hair. Check out these 10 quick tips to keep heads twisting to check out your twist out:

Water Works. Styling a twist out is best done when hair is damp. Not soaking wet, and not close to being dry, beginning to cultivate your look after a thorough shampoo is a great way to ensure hair is easy to manipulate and less prone to breakage. Working with damp locks will also help your final look appear more defined and last way longer.

Stock your Stash. For a twist out, there are a few hair care essentials you'll need. The twist out Holy Grail? Stock up on coconut oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, your choice of leave-in conditioner or moisturizer, detangling comb, brush, alcohol-free gel, and satin headscarf or bonnet.

Head in the right direction. Twist hair in the natural direction curls naturally coil in. This technique can help your strands remain in place longer and minimize maintenance. Not all curls can go in the same direction however, so take notice of what your own curl pattern might be around your whole head.

Don't Overdo It. While hydration and nourishing emollients for hair are key, use a light hand when applying your product. Too much moisturize can clog hair follicles and also make it difficult for hair to dry effectively and hold the style you're going for.

Don't Supersize. When creating your twists, keep them on the small side. Sectioning hair off in smaller sections to twist helps your final style look more defined and ultimately lasting longer. Choosing to go big with your twists may seem like a fast way to a fabulous style, but the look won't last and will lack depth. Selecting a smaller set of tresses works best.

Stay Frizz Free. Around every corner, frizz is looking to rear its ugly head. But there are some ways to combat it. Before unraveling twists, it is important to wait until hair is fully dry. You can also opt for gels and frizz-taming agents that can help when you have little time to wait. And when separating hair out after setting, pull twists a part slowly to avoid frizzy ends.

Tie Things Down. At night, cover hair with a satin scarf, protecting your crown and your hard earned hairstyle. A satin pillowcase works just as well. Hair may be flat when you wake up, but the general shape of the style will still be in tact. A few spritz of your favorite mist or water will help get twists ready for the day. A larger satin bonnet keeps twists in more of their original shapely state.

Days will Differ. Depending on your hair, it's length, and the season, a twist out can last anywhere from a day to close to a week. Some hair will frizz out faster than others, so twisters beware. The warm humid months make it harder for twists to hold versus the fall or winter, where you'll likely be able to stretch your style for longer.

For Shorter Tresses. For more length, try stretching your twist out by twisting hair into Bantu knots. Allowing twisted hair to dry in this way gives you an additional hairstyle to rock and prevents sometimes unwanted shrinkage to locks when they fully dry.

For Longer Tresses. To keep hair in terrific twist out shape, group your individual twists into about a dozen or so larger twists. Tie hair up before going to bed and hair prep will be a breeze in the morning. Undo the larger twists, style and you're good to go.

Have any additional twist out tips to offer up? Share them with us in the comments below!