Experts Identify Obstacles For Google’s Self-Driving Cars

Experts believe that before Google rolls out its high-tech driverless cars on public roads, the company should first iron out its features.

Since Google has already tested out the driverless car on 700,000 miles worth of driving, many people seem to think that it's ready to go out to public roads, Technology Review reported.

Researchers, however, noted that before these tests were conducted, hours of preparation were devoted to make sure the car is ready. This includes mapping out the route of the car meter by meter and plotting every traffic sign on the road.

For Alberto Broggi, a professor studying the technology of autonomous driving in Italy's Universita di Parma, the danger in using driverless cars lies in the sudden changes that could occur on the road that were  not included in the vehicle's mapping procedures.

For instance, a traffic signal not detected by the map could cause the driverless car to beat a red light or get into a traffic collision.

Another obstacle for Google's cars comes in the form of a new traffic law which will be passed in California by September, according to Yahoo.

Basically, the bill requires Google to install necessary features in the car to enable human drivers to manually take over the vehicle.

In response, Google will include steering wheels and gas and brake pedals to its driverless cars.

Aside from the possibility of getting into accidents, the FBI is worried that Google's vehicles can be used for criminal activities, BGR reported.

With the increasing number of computer-hacking cases, the law agency thinks tech-savvy criminals can manipulate the software of the driverless cars and control them. Since the vehicles do not require drivers, criminals can engage in a shoot-out with law enforcers during a car chase.  

The FBI also fears Google cars can be used for terrorist activities. After gaining full control of the cars, these can be loaded with explosives and programmed to head toward populated areas.

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