Lizard Squad Continues To Strike Despite FBI Investigations

The hacker collective mysteriously known as the Lizard Squad continue to attack various gaming sites despite catching the attention of the FBI, according to N4G.

After setting its sights on Sony's PlayStation Network for a DDos attack, the group tweeted that a Sony executive's plane was carrying a bomb. This immediately prompted the flight crew to divert the plane to have its cargo checked by authorities.

Lizard Squad then targeted other gaming sites such as Microsoft's Xbox Live, Blizzard's and League of Legends from Riot Games.

Now, the latest victim of the group is Twitch, a site that provides live video streaming of e-sports and other online gaming footages. The attack on the site comes days after Amazon acquired Twitch.

Twitch services millions of users and is constantly growing. For Lizard Squad's attack, the group enlisted the help of some of the site's users.

This past weekend, Lizard Squad contacted regular Twitch and YouTube streamers and asked them to write the group's name on their foreheads and take a picture of themselves. They were then asked to send their photos to Lizard Squad's Twitter account.

After the group managed to gather enough support from users, Lizard Squad launched a similar attack it used on Sony to Twitch. This immediately disabled the site and prevent users from accessing their accounts, The Register reported.

Despite being under the watchful eye of the FBI, Lizard Squad is still capable of maintaining a strong online presence.

A possible reason why the group continues to evade FBI's clutches could be because they are not based in the U.S., as speculated by Forbes.

Like the process of finding other threats, investigating Lizard Squad's actions takes time. If they are based on foreign soil, the FBI will need the cooperation of government organizations from other countries to track down the hackers.

This lengthy process gives Lizard Squad enough time to launch several more attacks on other sites and online services. 

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