‘Grand Theft Auto’ Makers: Lindsay Lohan Sued Us For Attention

"Grand Theft Auto V" developer Rockstar Games and its mother company Take-Two Interactive have retaliated against actress Lindsay Lohan for the lawsuit she filed against the game makers, Video Gamer has learned.  

According to the two companies, Lohan's lawsuit has no merit and was filed only to gain public attention.

Based on Manhattan court documents released on Tuesday, Rockstar and Take-Two called Lohan's case frivolous and claimed that it was "filed for publicity purposes." As a result, the two companies want to have the case trashed.

In addition, they are also demanding that the actress pay for the legal expenses.

Lohan's legal camp has not yet issues a formal statement regarding the issue.

The actress filed the lawsuit against Rockstar Games in July of this year. The actress alleged that the developer's latest "Grand Theft Auto" game inappropriately and illegally used her image and likeness for one of its in-game characters, the International Business Times reported.

The character in question is Lacey Jonas. In the game, she is depicted as a famous actress with blonde hair. She is the center of attention of celebrity photographers and also suffers from anorexia.

Lohan filed the lawsuit in a New York City court and claimed that the game developer imitated her voice, clothing style and overall image to create Jonas. In addition, the actress stated that the Chateau Marmont hotel, her West Hollywood home, was also depicted in the game.

Take-Two maintained that Rockstar did not use Lohan's likeness for the "Grand Theft Auto 5." The company added that the only similarities between Jonas and Lohan are that they are both young and blonde.

Lohan is not the only public figure who sued a game developer for inappropriate depiction.

In the same month as Lohan's lawsuit, former dictator of Panama Manuel Noriega sued Activision Blizzard for illegally and inappropriately using his likeness in the 2012 shooter game "Call of Duty: Black Ops II," according to LA Times.

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