Razer Cortex App Finds Game Deals For Users

Razer's latest downloadable service, the Razer Cortex app can search for good video game bargains for players, IGN reported.

The app's feature, dubbed as the Razer Cortex: Deals can offer price comparisons of video game titles from different online stores. These include Amazon, GameStop, GOG, Origin, Steam and Green Man Gaming.

Deals also has a wish list feature that users can use to take note of games they want to purchase. Aside from this, the app notifies them whenever the games on their list have been discounted by the stores.

The memory feature of the Razer Cortex can suggest other games to the users based on their preferences.

"Scours the internet tirelessly to let you know of price drops, sweet deals and exciting promotions on your favorite games so you'll never miss out on another bargain," Razer stated in its website.

"You can now grow your library without ever overpaying a single cent," the company continued.

Aside from its bargain-hunting capabilities, the app also has other features that have been designed to be used while playing games, according to Lazy Gamer.

The app's Share feature is a screen-capture system that allows users to take snapshots or record images from the games they are playing while the Save Game Manager automatically creates backup files for saved games as well as player settings.

Another key feature f the app is the Boost. According to the company, the Razer Cortex: Boost increases the performance of the PC by automatically turning off unnecessary applications and other computer processes.

Once the player is done with the game, the Razer Cortex will automatically resume all closed applications, Maximum PC reported.

Currently, Razer's app is still in its beta version. But those with a Razer account can login to test it out for free.

For the Razer Cortex's trial run, the app's Deals feature can only check out game bargains within the United States. But after its official launch on Sept. 10, it will expand to other regions. 

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