With Apple's special event on September 9 only a few weeks away, the rumors about its upcoming iPhone 6 just keep on leaking. The latest rumor to show up says the iPhone 6 could be released with a reversible USB cable, reports CNET.

Apple already has its Lightning cable which is reversible on the side with the eight-pin dock, but rumor has it the company is also designing an upgraded cable for the iPhone 6 which will feature a reversible USB side as well; the one which users usually plug into their computers or laptops.

The rumor was started by Sonny Dickson, who made a name for himself by accurately leaking information about the iPhone 5S before it was launched by Apple. Dickson tweeted on Sunday an image showing both sides of what he claimed was a Lightning cable with a reversible USB port.

The newly-designed Lightning cable, if the leaks are indeed true, will carry a USB connector which can be plugged into a USB port in any way, according to TechCrunch. This will allow users to easily plug in the cable without having to check which end is facing "up".

Chinese website Dianxinshouji.com had previously reported a leak regarding the new cable which could be released by Apple for its upcoming devices. The article posted a few images of the new cables, said to be sourced from Foxconn, a known supplier of components for Apple.

A previous report also claimed that Apple was designing an improved cable for connecting high-definition audio playback for "made for iPhone" accessories.

If these rumors are true, it would mean Apple is once again swerving away from the standards set by the USB Promoter Group concerning proprietary technology, states NDTV. This would also mean the new Lightning cable can be connected to all Type-A USB ports, but standard Type-A cables cannot fit into reversible Type-A ports.