Apple Products, Brand 2013: Creating Bedazzled, Eye-Catching Jewelry? Insider Weighs in on Designer Taking the Accessories Plunge

Reportedly, Apple Inc. is moving into the jewelry business.

The gadget giant is creating bling to complement its iPhones and their other devices, and world-renowned industrial guru, John Ive is designing it, according to Fashionista. 

The acclaimed genius, who had landed at the company last October, just debuted an imaginative screen retooling of the ultra-popular iPhone at an Apple convention in San Francisco, Calif. He used a vibrant pink, blue and purple, changed the look of the famous icons and the brand's overly used Helvetica font. The overhaul has gotten some stellar reviews.

Now, his attention moves to crafting the first-ever watch for the brand, and insiders said it might be very fashionable and on trend.

Ive is a fashion maven, who favors hipsters' favorite, Clarke's Wallabee style chukka, blue t-shirts and denim button-downs, reported the well known blog.

His most "fashion-conscious" look?

He donned a striped boating sweater to Burberry's Spring 2013 runway show. For the photo, click HERE.

They wonder if Ive could design something "as classic as the Timex or Cartier Love bracelet," and said that it would be "interesting" to see if he could pull this kind of modish feat off, especially without any duplications of existing watches on the market.

Well, we just don't know yet, but can declare that Ive is a very stylish man.

In fact, he had even worked under one, Steve Jobs, who had a "distinct sense of style." Jobs would wear a "black Issey Miyake mock turtleneck, standard Levi's dad jeans and gray New Balance sneakers" to the office.

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