'Teen Wolf' Season 4 Cast Member Dylan O'Brien Flaunts Buff Muscle While Chatting About 'The Maze Runner' Movie Role as Thomas and Baseball Following Emmy Nomination Snub for Stiles

"Teen Wolf" season 4 cast member Dylan O'Brien is giving Stiles Stilinski a break to show of his buff arms for the latest issue of Teen Vogue.

The 22-year-old actor chatted with the magazine about his new upcoming movie "The Maze Runner" and his status as a "longsuffering Mets fans."

In the film Dylan O'Brien plays Thomas, an ordinary teen who wakes up in a strange place with no memory of who he is or how he got there.

Thomas is now surrounded by about 30 other boys (the Gladers), who have learned to survive in a self-sustaining community while attempting to find a way out of the ever-changing and fatal maze that surrounds it.

When speaking of his character, O'Brien told the magazine, "In my mind, he's the quintessential hero," adding, "Thomas discovers he has this courage inside of him that he learns how to access-it's really fun to watch."

The MTV star went on to say, "Thomas is just a human and he's got all the same fears as every one else in The's not like he's numb to it," adding, "It's his bravery in spite of fear that I've always admired so much about him."

Britt Robertson's boyfriend also revealed that he has a great bond with his cast. When speaking of his costars he said, "We have a great vibe on our set."

Dylan O'Brien continued, "I host rehearsals outside my hotel room every night, and we'll all run our scenes for the next day. I have a little buddy relationship with every single one of them."

He went on to say, "We had such a great group of guys on set, and I'm including Kaya [Scodelario] in that too because she was a part of it.

"Everyone was such a good person. And we love to goof around. But we also take the work really seriously, every single one of us."

When speaking of his baseball obsession O'Brien admitted, "I'm such a baseball guy over everything else.

"Even when they're not playing for the six months out of the year, it's all I pay attention to and it's all I care about. My Mets are insanely precious to me. I watch every single game. Even if I get home at 2 AM, I will put on the game. It's crazy."

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