'Teen Wolf' Season 4 Cast Member Dylan O'Brien Emmy Nominations Snub 2014: MTV Star Causes Twitter Uproar After Performance as Stiles in Season 3B is Not Recognized for Award

Just last week Emmy nominations were announced and while plenty of fan favorite shows landed nomination like "Game of Thrones," "Orange is the New Black" and "The Good Wife" among others, one person who did not receive recognition was "Teen Wolf" season 4 cast member Dylan O'Brien.

According to Entertainment Wise, the snub caused quite an uproar on Twitter with fans taking to the social media site to vent their frustrations.

Ever since Season 3B, the 22-year-old actor has stepped up his game as funny man Stiles Stilinski on the show and showed a much darker side revealing to fans that he can do more than just make them laugh, he can also terrify them.

Last season Dylan O'Brien not only played his original character Stiles but also played the nogitsune, which was an evil spirit that possessed his body causing him to wreck pain and suffering amongst the cast.

The MTV star even admitted that he was unsure about taking on the dark role and showing a different side of Stiles.

He told TVLine, "It's all about learning, growing, and challenging yourself. Trying new things and expanding. It's been great. I really came to like the evil, dark aspects of Stiles."

O'Brien added, "It was a huge challenge for me, and I was scared at first. You have to just go for it, and that's why I love acting; it's made me face my fears and try things I'd normally be too uncomfortable to try."

After taking on the dark role the actor has been able to step out of the "Teen Wolf" world and was cast to star in the movie role "The Maze Runner," which is set to hit theaters later this year.

EW hinted that there may be several reasons as to why Dylan O'Brien hasn't landed an Emmy nomination. One reason being that "Teen Wolf" airs on MTV, which is know for its reality show "Teen Mom" rather than earning prestigious awards.

Another reason could be the fact that the series is indeed a teen show which isn't a genre the Emmys normally favors.

However, that didn't stop angry fans from sounding off on Twitter. One Dylan O'Brien fan tweeted, "Nobody has mentioned the biggest snub...dylan o'brien for mtv produced show teen wolf. he deserves a tony and an emmy and an oscar."

Meanwhile, another outraged fan wrote, "watch season 3 of teen wolf and then try and tell me Dylan O'Brien doesn't deserve an emmy."

Do you think Dylan O'Brien deserves an Emmy nomination? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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