Instagram and Twitter shy Dakota Fanning decided to skip talking about her hot older boyfriend Jamie Strachan to chat about someone more important in her life, her little sister Elle Fanning and fashion of course.

According to E! News, "The Last of Robin Hood" star graced the September issue of Lucky magazine looking effortlessly high-fashion chic in a printed multi-colored dress.

Despite her trendy look, the 20-year-old blonde beauty insisted that she is not one to follow the latest fashion trends.

The "Very Good Girls" star explained, "I really want Birkenstocks, but everyone has white Birkenstocks. So it's about trying to find the color that not everyone has."

Dakota Fanning added, "You can't be a slave to what everyone else thinks looks good, because sometimes it doesn't look good on you."

The NYU student also admitted that she isn't the best shopper. The starlet confessed, "The pressure of trying things on in a store freaks me out. I usually come back with things that don't fit."

While she has been spotted on the New York City streets wearing some pretty chic outfits, Fanning revealed that her favorite piece of clothing is not a designer item or remotely expensive.

Dakota explained that the article of clothing is much more sentimental. It is actually a shirt she got from the hospital gift shop the day her little sister Elle Fanning, who is now 16-years-old, was born.

Describing the top she said, "It's pink with big blue letters and says 'I'm the Big Sister.' I was so small and it was so big that it fit me forever. Now it would be like a crop top on me, which might be in fashion."

For more of Dakota Fanning's chat with Lucky magazine pick up the September issue when it hits newsstands next week.