Holly Madison's life has evolved since her Playboy mansion days, and now the former reality star is telling In Touch Weekly about motherhood. She also revealed she is waiting before having a second child. Keep reading for more!

"Oh my God. Motherhood is way more difficult than I thought," Hugh Hefner's ex girlfriend told the mag. "You really have to manage your time. Plus, all these horrible scenarios - like a baby falling off a balcony - go through my head."

When asked about a second child, Madison replied, "Just having [Rainbow] is enough! We really want to give her a sibling, but I need a little time. We'll start to think about it next year."

She is married to Rainbow's father, promoter Pasquale Rotella.

The mother of one also spoke about getting her body back. Madison gained 40 pounds during her pregnancy, and lost 30 six weeks after.

"My diet's been getting healthier over the past two years. I'm really into green smoothies - I've been educating myself on nutrition," she explained.

Madison is currently putting together a Vegas show called 1923 Bourbon & Burlesque, which she will star in. The routines have also contributed to the star's workout regimen.

"Learning the choreography has been a major workout!" she continued.

The beauty even offered advice for fans who want to get in shape.

"I've gained and lost weight throughout my life, but you feel better about your body when you know you worked for it to be in the shape that it's in," she explained.

Even Rainbow is working out already, as Madison explained she loves sports.

"She's actually really into sports - she loves playing with balls and being active. But I have no idea who she gets that from, because me and Pasquale are the two least sports oriented people in the world!" Madison stated.

How cute!

Are you surprised she is waiting to have another? Let us know why or why not below!