Kris Jenner is ready to take reign over her Hidden Hills home again! The Kardashian matriarch reportedly wants Kim Kardashian, her new husband Kanye West, and their one-year old daughter, North, to move out after offering they stay with her while their Bel Air mansion is under construction.

"It's become difficult to live with Kim's demanding life. She's kicking herself for suggesting they move in in the first place," a source told Life & Style. "She keeps asking Kim when she's moving and Kim gets annoyed by it."

"Kim's driving her nuts! She doesn't even feel like it's her house anymore," said one insider who shared that Kardashian's daily guests to Jenner's home includes an "endless entourage" of nannies, security teams and friends. "It's become a lot like a hotel," they continued.

Also annoyed with the arrangement is Jenner's model daughter Kendall Jenner, who got her own place to escape.

"It's also causing plenty of problems between Kim and her siblings -- particularly Kendall," the insider revealed. "[She] was so annoyed, she moved out."

Kendall reportedly purchased an LA apartment for $1.4m.

Momager Jenner recently expressed concern over daughter Khloe's new relationship with French Montana.

"[Kris] worries that Khloe just got out of a marriage," an insider told the publication.

She is allegedly "unimpressed" with the rapper, and Khloe is now growing annoyed with his partying ways.

One thing is for sure, Jenner is NOT afraid to speak her mind! She even told oldest daughter Kourtney, who is now pregnant with her third child, she thinks it's time to marry long-time boyfriend Scott Disick, and suggested son Rob join "The Biggest Loser" to cope with weight struggles.

Though she may cause controversy with parenting tactics, we are sure she just wants what's best for her kids!

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