Kris Jenner is thrilled to be a grandma again in December, but she also has opinions when it comes to Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's relationship. The pair got together in 2006 and parent Mason, 4, and Penelope, 23 months. Jenner feels it is time for them to fully commit to each other and tie the knot.

"Committing to parent three kids, when you haven't even committed to each other doesn't cut it in Kris's book,' a source told The Daily Mail. "She comes from a time when, if a girl got pregnant and was still single, she got married as soon as possible."

"And although she understands times have changed, she still has religious values and feels it's only right that Scott make an 'honest woman' out of her little girl."

Jenner attends church regularly at the California Community Church in Agoura Hills, California, which she founded, a church that focuses on giving people second chances. She recruited Rev. Brad Johnson, the former pastor of a Baptist church in West Lake she went to, to partner in this venture.

He married Khloe Kardashian to Lamar Odom in 2009, and now Jenner wants him to marry Kourtney.

"Up until now Kourtney hasn't been interested in getting married, but at 35, she's beginning to feel it's time. She's expecting the couple's third child and if Scott would agree to a small, quiet ceremony - nothing like the one Kim just had - I think she'd be up for it," the source continued.

"It's no secret that Scott and Kourtney have had their share of ups and downs, All you have to do is watch their reality show to know that. He's been arrested for DUI, he's been in and out of rehab, and he's had anger issues where he's put his fist through a mirror while arguing with Kourtney."

"So maybe there's still a part of Kourtney that wants to make sure that at 31, Scott has outgrown his bad behavior and is ready to be a proper husband, before she agrees to make it legal," they added.

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