Karrueche Tran Dumps Chris Brown Again, Changes Phone Number After ‘Loyal’ Singer Likes Rihanna Instagram Pics

Ladies and gentlemen, we might have another Jelena situation on our hands. According to TMZ, Karrueche Tran once again dumped Chris Brown and even changed her phone number so he can't reach her.

The couple has been on and off since 2011, but lately it seems more off than on. Tran was upset when he posted a very revealing picture on his Instagram account featuring the model's rear, and he added fuel to the fire by "liking" two pictures of him with ex girlfriend Rihanna.

Tran is allegedly tired of Brown's "immature" behavior, including his non-stop partying, and is ready to move on from the controversial star.

Brown appears unfazed by the incident, partying away in St. Tropez. On Thursday he shared a series of cryptic tweets, implying there is trouble in paradise.

"Everything is mental. These hoes ain't loyal but my fans damn sure are!" he wrote.

"Be careful who u take relationship advice from. Especially if they are single. They're single for a reason! Lol #lonelyfaceass."

The tweets have since been deleted.

Tran recently opened up about her and Brown's troubled relationship on "Just KeKe."

"I've never dated a celebrity before so it was very new to me. Paparazzi and all that," she told the host.

"And then, even the situation with Rihanna, you know the reason why people tuned into this so much was because it's relatable. I have girlfriends, I have family who's gone through the same situation. It's the case of "the ex". We all go through it, do you know what I'm saying?"

She then added, "But in this case my boyfriend is a celebrity whose ex-girlfriend is an even bigger [celebrity]... So, not only am I fighting a battle with her, I'm fighting a battle with her 14 million fans or however else."

Do you think they are done for good? Let us know why or why not below!

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