Blake Lively Gucci Premiere Fragrance Ad PHOTO, VIDEO: Ryan Reynolds' Instagram Shy Wife and 'Gossip Girl' Star Looks Stunning in Designer Campaign After Launching Her Lifestyle Website Preserve


Blake Lively looks absolutely gorgeous in her new ad for Gucci Premiere perfume. The "Gossip Girl" star looks elegant as she props herself up on her elbow in a sparkling dress, with soft old Hollywood glam curls spilling over her bare shoulder.

According to Hollywood Life, the 26-year-old actress appears in a behind-the-scenes video of her first Gucci Premiere photo shoot.

In the clip we hear Blake Lively talk about her love for the scent. Ryan Reynolds' wife revealed, "It truly represents all sides of a woman, everything a woman is, everything a woman aspires to be.

"It's got the sweet tones of orange blossom, the stronger tones of leather and wood, and that's just so sexy. To have a scent that truly represents you is incredibly important and empowering."

Lively went on to gush about the new eau de toilette which is slightly softer compared to other scents.

The blonde beauty said, "But while Gucci Première represents a red carpet moment or a big night out, the new Eau de Toilette version is softer.

"It has all the great presence of the original, but dialed down and freshened up. You really can wear it as your everyday fragrance."

Blake Lively continued, "You spray it and you immediately feel empowered - there's a sensuality that comes with fragrance and there's a power that fragrance has on other people."

This is turning out to be a great week for the former CW star, the actress launched her lifestyle website Preserve on Tuesday, July 22nd.

In the editor's letter she revealed that she was intimated to about the debut of her new site. She wrote, "Sitting down to write this editor's letter has been the hardest thing I've done yet on my Preserve journey."

Lively continued, "I'm more intimidated than I should probably admit. I'm no editor, no artisan, no expert. And certainly no arbiter of what you should buy, wear, or eat."

She went on to write, "Everyone has a story to tell. This idea is the cornerstone of Preserve. So here at Preserve there are people, stories, essays, videos and goods which hopefully inspire your home, your style and your tongue.

"There's expensive stuff. Inexpensive stuff. And everything in between. But their value, is up to you.

Check out a video Blake Lively behind the scenes at her Gucci Premiere shoot below. Check out the ad photo HERE.

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