Summer Hair Problems: Flat Hair Falls After Curling, Styling And Humidity

Summer is great, but it can send hair into a serious tizzy. Uncooperative tresses got you stressed? Then check out Mario Russo's tips.

Russo is the owner and lead stylist of Mario Russo in Boston. Lucky for us, the expert is sharing his top summer hair woes and the best solutions for fixing them.

From frizzy hair, sunburn scalp, greasy hair, and bangs that trigger acne, Russo's heard it all.

Over of the course of Mario's three decades in the business, he's heard his fair share of summer hair problems and knows how to cure them.

Check out this latest beauty blunder below and look out for Mario's tips all week long!

Problem: Your style looks great...for ten minutes...then falls flat.

This has to be one of the worst ways hair can offend our beauty efforts. It's the summer, the one season we feel like styling our hair most often, and after all the work we put in, it all falls flat. Help us, Mario!

Solution: "The lifespan of the body in your hair can be short in the summer, especially when it is humid, but don't resort to only wearing your hair in ponys and braids...yet," Russo said.

"Look for a part volumizing/part dry shampoo, such as Bumble and Bumble's Pret-a-Powder ($26), as your go-to summer hair tool."

"This product, a combination of dry shampoo, can not only extend your style, but it can also give your mane that 'oomph!'"

"Another volume helper is to add a little teasing to your crown. When flat hair happens, take a boar bristle brush and some hairspray and begin to lightly tease hair (first, moving the brush down in the same direction and then up in the same direction several times) at the crown of the head," Russo explained.

"This will add an instant dose of volume and allow you to keep your style in place."

Fixin' to fix your flat hair with these tips? Tell us with a note below!

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