Bros, Bromance, and now Brotox.

Typically, when we think of people getting Botox, we picture a middle-aged woman trying to minimize wrinkles or female celebrities trying to prevent themselves from aging.

No one can deny the effectiveness of Botox, not only on looking younger, but it's many other skin care uses too.

However, women aren't the only ones getting this anti-aging injection done. With this new trend of "Brotox" on the rise, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Peter Geldner talked to us about why more men are trying to look youthful again.

"Looking your best is important for many people, regardless of gender," said Dr. Geldner. "Women jumped on board with Botox as a way to preserve their youthful look and for a confidence boost. Men have now realized this little secret and have been opening up to the idea of Botox treatments for themselves."

According to recent articles, the amount of men getting Botox has increased more than 250% since 2001. There is an average of 360,000 men in the US getting the procedure done, which continues to grow as well.

Dr. Geldner explained that men prefer treatments like Botox compared to other plastic surgeries because the results are fast and there is no need to take a lot of time off work to heal. Smart move, fellas.

"Placing an emphasis on personal care is no longer a taboo for men and Botox is a legitimate way to maintain a young and well-rested look to remain competitive in the workplace," Dr. Geldner shared.

"The procedure provides a quick recovery and allows many men to look the way they feel or, for some, makes them feel like their old self again."

We're all for guys looking their best too!