Kendra Wilkinson suffered from post-partum depression after giving birth to first son, Hank. Those close to the reality star are worried she will head down the same path after news of Hank Baskett's affair with transsexual model Ava Sabrina London.

"Between the baby hormones and this, friends worry she could be in a dangerous place," a source told Us Weekly.

Wilkinson's brother Colin opened up to Star magazine about what happened.

"I mean that's my sister," he told the mag. "I could see him cheating on Kendra ... Me being around him for so long, I could probably see him doing something like that. I wouldn't have guessed a tranny, though."

"She definitely believes the story," he then added. "She definitely thinks it's true. She was bawling her eyes out. She told me that she's lost everything."

The blonde beauty is still in "shock" over the affair, according to Us, but is said to be "doing okay."

"She's not sleeping that much anyway because of the new baby [Alijah]," an insider revealed.

Wilkinson did not believe claims at first, but grew suspicious when Baskett did not rush to clear his name. After investigating she found a suspicious charge on a bank statement, she began punching walls and even flushed her wedding ring down the toilet.

The former "Girls Next Door" star has yet to comment on the incident.

The couple are said to still be living together, though it's unclear if they will reconcile, but the reality star is focused on her children.

"Her kids are her #1 prioirty. She's doing what she needs to do," the source continued. "She's a tough girl."

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