This is not looking good for Hank Baskett. We told you yesterday the former NFL star reportedly cheated on his wife, Kendra Wilkinson, with a transsexual model, and the woman in question has come forward to give her side of the story. Ava Sabrina London took a polygraph test and told all to the National Enquirer.

Baskett, whose wife gave birth last month to their second child, first contacted London after watching her YouTube videos.

"I met Hank Baskett probably around the 22nd or 23rd of April this year," London confessed. "He contacted me through a video I had posted on YouTube and we exchanged information."

The reality star allegedly showed up one day unexpected, and called himself "Steve" to mask his identity.

"Hank absolutely knew that I was a transsexual and he told me that I was the only transsexual he's ever been with," London stated. "He thought I was beautiful."

She described their tryst using explicit detail, though it never ended in sex, but said he was "very satisfied" with the stimulation.

"Before leaving, he gave her almost $500 and told her he wanted to stay in touch," a source told Radar yesterday.

It did not stop there, as the reality star kept true to his word and contacted the model.

"They spoke a couple times after their first sexual encounter. Hank always called from different numbers, and at least once from a pay phone," the insider continued.

"After the Casper Smart transsexual controversy, he started to get freaked out and paranoid she would say something, and called her six times in one day to plead with her not to spill."

"He promised he would take care of her financially and even left her $2,000 in a coffee cup at her house. He promised her $5,000 to keep her mouth shut, and even threatened to kill himself if the story got out!"

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