It's looking worse for Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson. News broke that Baskett allegedly stepped out on his wife with transsexual model Ava Maria London while she was pregnant with their second child. Now, Radar obtained a phone conversation where he begs London to keep her mouth shut.

"They called my reps and asked if it was true and I just wanted to confirm with you that you hadn't said anything," says a man the site notes sounds a lot like Baskett.

"They just said two weeks before Kendra was pregnant that I hooked up... I hate to say it 'cause I would never say this word, but they said I hooked up with a tranny."

London replied, "I didn't say nothing."

He then continues, "I promise you I'll take care of you over time, I will make sure I reimburse you. Just please, if they come to you, please, don't say anything. And all you have to do is say no, it didn't happen."

The model explains she was offered $5,000 to tell her story, and Baskett promises to match that price to stay mum on the incident.

"Thank you so much, thank you. Thank you so much," he says. "'Cause they're going to lie and manipulate with you with everything, trust me I deal with the media all the time. Just please don't. If it was $5,000 they offered you, I promise over time I will make sure you get that $5,000.

"You're making me feel so much better now because you said you didn't say anything. Just tell him no, just keep saying no, whatever you do."

The call cut out, then the man called back, and the begging and pleading continued.

"Don't be nervous or upset. That's what they do at any time, they call a lot and then they stop. OK? So don't let them bother you. I promise, I promise you within a year I will make sure you're taken care of periodically."

"It can't be all upfront. But I will make deposits to you periodically, OK,' he apparently said. "And it'll be less than a year. A couple months, less than that. OK? Do you believe me? Hey, I give you the words on my kids. OK?"

He ensured her roommate did not take any photos, and even offered London a voucher for a nice restaurant.

"I don't need a gift certificate. Just frickin' send me some money, help me pay my rent," London replied.

"S**t, I can't do that much now. It's because we have a shared account. So I will make sure you get that $5,000 very quickly. It'll be fast. I can't just do it right away because I can't take $5,000 cash out. I will make sure you are taken care of - you swear to me that you're not going to say anything. I have to wait and see that this article does not come out."

The conversation ends with London asking the man to call her tomorrow, to which he responds, "I have my daughter's doctor's appointment and school for my son. I will be dropping you $400 here and things like that until you get all your money."

Moving trucks were spotted near the reality star's home earlier today.

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