Plastic Surgery For Men: 'Brotox' Procedures Are On The Rise
Women aren't the only ones going under the knife. Turns out there has been a surge in men who want to look their very best too. We chatted with Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, leading the charge in men's aesthetics. Here's what the pro had to say about what dudes are doing these days.
Did Uma Thurman Get Plastic Surgery?
Uma Thurman was looking very different when she attended the red carpet premiere of her miniseries "The Slap." Did the actress go under the knife?
Botox, Juvederm, Fillers, Injectables: The Potential Side Effects You Need To Know About Part 2
Considering a little Botox, but worried about the potential side effects. Read up on what Food and Drug Administration (FDA) medical officer Janette Alexander, M.D. had to say about the possibilities. Check out Part One and then read the rest below:
Botox Babies: Why Are So Many Young Women Going Under The Needle?
Thinking about going under the needle? So are millions of young women who are desperate to ward off the signs of aging before they even start! But is this safe? We wondered. Botox is generally viewed as a procedure used by the 30+ demographic in order to freeze aging in its tracks. However, it turn...


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