Hair Care Expert Tabatha Coffey Gives Salon Tips For The Best Haircut For Your Face Shape & Lifestyle Part 2

More from Tabatha Coffey, hair care expert, fabulous stylist, spokesperson of LUXHAIR HOW, and woman on a warpath if you own a lackluster salon! Check out her tips for achieving the hair you crave below:

What would you say is the secret to an amazing blowout? 

A great blow-dry requires patience and the right tools. Start with the right product. The product you choose will depend on the outcome you want and the hair type you have. Then make sure you have good quality brushes. You need a paddle brush for creating straight styles and a round brush for volume. Divide the hair so it is more manageable and to make sure each section is dried 100%. Always keep the airflow of the dryer pointed down the hair shaft from roots to ends to keep the hair smooth, shiny and to prevent frizz.

Advice for how best to fix a bad haircut?

Decide what it is you don't like about the cut. See if it is something that can be fixed, like being uneven or the layers seem choppy. Go back to the stylist if you're comfortable, or find another to fix it. If the problem is it's too short, then it's going to require patience and some creativity. Wearing your hair straight makes it appear longer, sometimes tucking it behind your ears, changing the part or pushing it forward or back can make the shape look better. If all that fails there are always my Lux-hair extensions to help get you through the growing out phase.

Is it true trimming your hair helps makes it grow longer?

The problem is a lot of women trying to grow their hair longer will forgo the trims and what happens is the ends start to split and break so the hair not only appears unhealthy, it can seem to not be getting any longer because the ends are so thin. When you trim the ends, the hair appears thicker which can make it look longer.

Which hair trends are you loving?

I am loving the soft loose waves, even though we have seen them for a while. The look now is more tousled and "undone,' not the perfect waves we saw for a while which makes it feel fresher and younger especially in warm weather. I also am loving the shorter styles we have seen a lot of celebrities adopt from pixies to longer bobs. It gives women permission to cut their hair and experiment and shows that sexy is an attitude not a hair length.

Which hair trends are you hating?

The trends I dislike are the ones that everyone feels they need to wear even if it doesn't suit them.

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