When beauty meets innovation, well it's just a thing of beauty!

Imagine a miniaturized bottle of perfume attached by magnetization to a jewel (bracelet or pendant). Once detached by grasping it with your fingertips, the perfume is applied by rolling the pearl on the skin. 

Meet OBO Pearl, said to be the smallest wearable and leak-proof bottle of perfume. OBO are pearls of perfume worn as part of a bracelet or a necklace nestling against the body.  

Simply grasp it with your fingertips, detach it from its piece of jeweler and roll it across your skin to release the perfume within.

How does it work? The pearl is made out of glass, a silver finishing and a marble applicator. The story and identity of each pearl is unique. Every color is chosen by the perfumer depending on the fragrance that they create. 

The perfumers, based in Paris, now offer 8 unique fragrances, with notes ranging from floral to oriental.  A few of the scents offered include:

Symmetry - The hottest hours, burning sun and cyan-saturated sky...Black pepper, Pink pepper, White thyme. Enjoy zesty freshness, Granny Smith apple, cashmere wood, and sunny jasmine. 

Solar Epilogue - The orange fades, the day draws to a close. The scent is described as a twilight fusion of ylang, white muscs, and jasmine sambac

23:58 - Bathed in moonlight, the murmuring silence, osmosis. This scent consists of juniper, olibanum, rose oxide, iris, labdanum, and piri piri.

OBO products are available in two finishes: black resin and white resin. The materials are all hypoallergenic. The bracelet is available in sizes Small and Medium.

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