Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Ruby Dee

This week we honor classic beauty, Ruby Dee.

As the world mourns the recent loss of this iconic figure, we celebrate her and add this gorgeous star to our famed beauties that make up our beloved Thursday Throwbacks.

An actress, activist, writer, and part of the dynamic duo that was her marriage to equally legendary actor the late Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee was a talented pioneer in Hollywood blazing the trail for many actors of color to come.

Though having reached Hollywood A-list status with a remarkable career, a Grammy, Academy Award nomination, Screen Actor's Guild Award and many other accolades, Dee was keenly able to recall the struggles she faced as a young black actress in Tinseltown.

"I dreaded going to get my hair done because I just knew they wouldn't know what to do with my hair," Dee chuckled as she recalled her early days on the movie set.

In the same interview, Dee's husband admits he only realized the challenges his wife faced as a female actor later on in life.

"One of the things I'm still learning is the special difficulties Ruby faced merely because she was a woman," Davis explained.

"It's much easier, and part of it is due to the fact that men basically control the world and we configure it to our needs. And I'm there, her husband, with her, and not aware that these things are of consequence."

Makeup too was also greatly limited during the late 1940's and early 50's. "Black people had not gotten into the cosmetics," Dee remembered, citing there were only two shades to choose from when it came to foundation at the time.

With so many strides that have been in the beauty industry and Hollywood to celebrate diversity, we salute the pioneers who helped to pave the way for beauty junkies in all their beautiful shades.

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