Meet Breakups to Makeup: Accessories For Those Who Love The Art Of Makeup

Have you come across this super cute accessories line yet? Meet Breakups to Makeup 

Breakups to Makeup is the brainchild of makeup artist Angelique Velez. The brand launched in June last year to spread the message that makeup is more than just a product but also a form of art. 

"As makeup artists, makeup is our form of art.  It is our outlet and our release," Velez explained.  "Makeup is a true form of art that let's us not only express ourselves, but also makes others happy." 

"Personally, going through difficult times in my own life (ahem, a breakup), makeup literally saved me and served as my outlet to devote my time and energy," Velez said.  "Many people don't understand that makeup to us is not 'just' a product, but our creative outlet.  I wanted to spread this message in a quirky way, hence the birth of B2M."

Breakups to Makeup currently carries 20 products, each offered in a range of fun and quirky makeup sayings, from the signature "Love Raised Me Lipstick Saved Me," to others "I Would Cry But My Mascara Is Designer" and "I'm Only Helpless While My Nails Are Drying." The range consists of:

  • Canvas and Faux Leather Clutches - Made of durable canvas material or faux leather, these clutches can store anything from your favorite lipstick to your smart phone. Use them as a statement piece alone or for travel.
  • T-shirts and Tank Tops - These shirts are offered in V-necks, crop tops, and comfy halter tanks.
  • iPhone Cases - This is the prefect accessory for your cell phone and currently comes in five quirky sayings.
  • Super Slouchy Beanie - These black beanies each have a fun makeup label on the front.

From quirky products to empowering t-shirt slogans, Breakups to Makeup says it's more than just a brand, it is the possibility that no matter what happens you can chin-up and meet the horizon with direct gaze. 

Breakups to Makeup is available on and select retail outlets and virtual aisles throughout the US.

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