As if there weren't enough to worry about in life, women often find themselves frozen in front of their closets, panicking about what to wear.

"I think everyone has that terrible feeling of insecurity from time to time when you just know you have on the wrong outfit," explained styling consultant Ashley Martini, author of the new book, Styletini, and founding member of Martini Fashions.

"Unfortunately, in today's society, people do judge books by their covers - and perception is reality," Martini said. "Getting your outfit right can be challenging, she concedes. People want to be confident yet comfortable."

"One of the first things you should understand is that your criteria really isn't conflicting - you can be stylish, professional and comfortable, all with that stamp of individuality. You just have to know what to look for."

Martini gave us a few tips to take the stress out of the morning dress hour:

Not all trends work for all body types. You have to be honest with yourself; skinny jeans may not work for you, and forcing yourself into a pair that's semi-workable is not the best way to optimize your closet," she says. "The trendiest thing any individual can do is answer the question: Is it flattering?

Know your measurements! Measure the parts of your body that most define your shape: your hips, shoulders, waist and bust. Wear underwear (but not shapewear) when measuring hips, and wrap the tape around the fullest part of your hips and butt for the most accurate measurement. 

Own your plus-size, petite or tall body. You've probably heard the statement, 'Real women have curves.' Yes, they do, but there are also real women with smaller busts; long and lean women, and some built like the ancient fertility goddess statues. All of us are 'real.'

Plus-sized women. Highlight your assets -- shapely legs and well-toned arms are meant to be flaunted.

Petite women. Opt for pieces that come in naturally shorter lengths, such as cigarette pants, knee-length or higher skirts and three-quarter and shorter sleeve tops and jackets. Showing more skin will make your limbs look longer.

Tall women. Wear high heels if you want to -- just because you're taller doesn't mean they're off limits.