Our rapid fire Q&A with hair expert and Master of Curls, Ricky Pennisi was so fun! Read his tips for getting curls in check:

What makes curly hair difficult to style for so many women?

What makes it so tough is usually women with curly hair unknowingly suffer from a bad cut and on top of that, they are using the wrong products. It's the perfect combination for a bad hair day.

What are some of the different types of curly hair?

Tight curls, loose curls, medium curls, and waves. But with all those different types you have the issue of different textures. Again that's where the proper cut and product plays a role. 

The best styling tips a curly crown can have are...

The best thing when styling the crown is to moisturize like crazy and make sure you saturate the area because that's usually the frizziest.

What are some things women with curly hair should never do to their hair and why?

I think all curls should avoid razors in the long run because the texture will get compromised and frizz will be harder to control. 

Favorite curly haired celebs? 

I love any actress or model with curls. I think they're immediate attention-getters because your eyes go right to the curls. I love Debra Messing's red hair. She really does have perfect curls!  I have also always loved Sarah Jessica Parker's curls.

What types of products are best for curls and why?

Gels and cremes that put the moisture back into the curl is where you want to be. That's going to give you the best over all control. 

Any additional tips and tricks for making curls look their best?

Moisturize moisturize moisturize!