UV Gel Manicure Gloves: Company Launches UPF50+ Sun Glove to Lend a Hand in Sun Protection

Bloxsun has announced the latest addition to its UPF50+ sun protective accessories range with their new Bloxsun Sun Glove.

Sensitive, thinner skin on the back of hands requires extra care and protection from harmful UV rays. Until now, messy sunscreen was the only option to protect hands from skin cancers, collagen breakdown, photosensitivity and unwanted sunspots. Now, combat chronic UV exposure and reduce cumulative damage anytime hands are exposed to the sun with a new alternative.

"The Bloxsun Sun Glove was the clear next generation product to accompany our UPF50+ Sun Scarves, primarily because of our overarching personal mission to spread the message of sun safety while encouraging women to preserve and protect their well-earned beauty," said Inslee Copeland, Founder of Bloxsun to BeautyPress.

"We did an extensive evaluation of all UPF accessories available and asked for feedback from melanoma survivors and dermatologists. The Bloxsun Sun Glove is the response to those needs. At Bloxsun we believe that UPF sun wear should be the first line of defense against harmful UV rays."

"As we have found, our gloves are incomparable to any similar product. Not only are they elegant, but the fabric we've chosen is ideal for customers who desire the ultimate in luxurious sun protection with a lightweight feel and au naturale look," Copeland explained.

Priced at $40, Bloxsun Sun Gloves are available for purchase at, dermatologist offices, spas, medispas and boutiques. These could also work great when getting your UV gel manicure!

A portion of all Bloxsun sales are donated annually to the Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) to assist in research, advocacy and help in the fight against melanoma.  

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