Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauties, The Andrew Sisters

This week we honor classic beauties, The Andrew Sisters.

In honor of Memorial Day, we celebrate this fabulous singing trio. Known for their iconic version of the patriotic hit Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, these sisterly songbirds were a household name during the 1940's thanks to their beautifully melodic harmonies and their work to support the troops during World War II.

Performing for allied forces all over the world and recording a series of war victory songs, the Andrew Sisters were affectionately referred to as the Sweethearts of the Armed Forces Radio Service.

Keeping with the popular beauty trends of the day, The Andrew Sisters rocked classic 1940's hair and makeup. Foundation during this time was applied in a shade a little deeper than a woman's actual skin tone and then set with a powder slightly lighter than their actual complexion. The combination created a pretty rosy glow.

For lips and eyes the look was distinct. Lips were kept in shades of bright reds, pinks, and even orange reds, while eyes kept the shadows on the lids only. Brows were given a defined arch and allowed to grow out way more than women let them decades before. Hair was pin curled and brushed out to reveal soft delicate, Hollywood perfect waves.

Despite rising to fame during a tumultuous time of war, the Andrew Sisters like many other women of the era continued to pride themselves in looking their best. Makeup was another way to keep morale and spirits up in an uncertain period in history.

Since their famous music careers, The Andrew Sisters continue to be an iconic part of pop culture. Ever wonder what inspired Christina Aguilera's great 1940's themed music video? Well now you know! Check out the fun songs below and let us know how you will be celebrating Memorial Day with a note!

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