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New To Market: Meet Tat2U Extreme Color Makeup & Body Art

ByKim West
May 16, 2014 09:51 PM EDT

Ready for a little edge?

Tat2U Extreme Color is a line of edgy, vibrant makeup for the modern woman who wants to stand out in a crowd. Extremely pigmented, Tat2U Extreme Color is all about the eye-popping pizzazz!

Tat2U is a new line of body art products designed for the professional makeup artist, yet can be used by anyone who wants a temporary tattoo. Centered around the Tat2 U Ink Pens, a felt tip type pen formulated with cosmetic grade pigments for the face and body, line extensions includes Temp Tats Temporary Tattoo Transfers and other body art accessories including glitter, shimmer powder, adhesive and sealer. 

"Temporary body art is the new accessory," said Project Manager Kimberley Frey explained to BeautyPress. "From the runways and fashion magazine covers, it's showing us that wearing temporary body art is like wearing makeup or jewelry and it has the virtue, unlike real tattoos, of being just as easy to remove." 

The temporary tattoos are available in 70 designs ranging from fun to funky, sexy to scary. All are quick, easy to apply and designed to be colored in with Tat2U Ink Pens or embellished with any of the 16 shades of Urock cosmetic grade glitter or Urave loose shimmer powder. Using the Uglue body adhesive, the shimmers and glitter will stay on the skin until you are ready to remove them using the 2 Take Off makeup remover wipes or soap and water. 

"The success of the Tat2U line of temporary body art made us realize that there was a much broader market for distinctive ways to make a personal statement," Frey explained. "Extreme Color cosmetics are the next step, allowing modern women the flexibility to tailor their look. For the woman who considers her body a canvas, a place to experiment and express - and change her mind -- Tat2U offers the broadest imaginable range of products and colors."

Check out the line at Tat2U Extreme Color

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