Beauty Dilemmas: Five Causes of Female Facial Hair

Now this topic isn't one that is really talked about, but ladies we have to admit that it is a legit issue! Women like to leave all the facial hair stuff to the guys, but unfortunately, we are often plagued by it too. It's time to discuss this silent beauty woe.

From the unwanted mustache, weird hairs that sprout on the nose, around the mouth, and under the chin, what's a woman to do? Well knowing the reasons for these hairy situations is a good place to start:

Loss of Estrogen. As we get older, we lose this hormone over time. What we don't lose, however, is testosterone. This can cause an unbalanced ratio between the two hormones and thus women to start to grow hair in places that men typically do on their faces.

Menopause. This natural cause is also linked to the loss of estrogen. Oddly enough after menopause, the hair on our head typically gets thinner, while the hairs on our chin start to sprout and grow longer. You can again thank the natural drop in estrogen for this crazy switch up!  

Genetics. Some of us are also predispositioned to have facial hair naturally. CNN reports that heredity dictates how thickly hair follicles are distributed through the skin, and this is fixed at birth. So sometimes we can blame these pesky hairs on our parents and/or relatives too.

Hormone Changes. This would be a cause that would need medical attention. Sudden and excessive hair growth can be an indicator of other more serious health issues such as a tumor, forms of cancer, or ovarian disease. Know your body and pay attention to drastic changes by consulting a physician in this instance.

Shaving. If you already remove unwanted facial hair, sometimes it can appear thicker when it grows back. While some women swear by shaving their entire faces, dermatologists typically don't recommend it. Read more about the ritual HERE.

Ever have to combat facial hair? Tell us with a note below!

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