So with the recent study out about how less makeup is actually more attractive to both men and women, we had to tap an expert to teach us heavy-handed beautifiers how to go easy and lighten tings up. Check out what expert Rebecca Spera, host of Mirror Mirror on the Live Well Network, had to tell us about to keeping your beauty routine simple, yet sexy:

So Rebecca, is the saying "less is more" really true when it comes to makeup?  

I think "less is more" depends on how much makeup a woman is wearing from the start. Makeup is meant to disguise our few imperfections and enhance our best features - not cover them up - so if makeup isn't helping make the real you more beautiful, "less is more" probably applies.  

What are the drawback to wearing a lot of makeup?  

First, there's a self-esteem drawback to wearing too much makeup.  When we overdo application, we get used to that image of ourselves and often times, I think women hate the way they look without makeup.  Makeup almost becomes a mask.  Second, wearing too much makeup can make us look older - not younger!  Too much product can set into fine lines and wrinkles and look heavy, making those areas appear more defined, and who wants that?  Last, too much makeup isn't good for our skin.  It can clog pores and lead to breakouts that are more difficult to treat when constantly covered.  Our skin needs to be cleansed thoroughly on a twice-a-day basis.  For those wearing lots of product, really removing all of the makeup, especially foundation, can be challenging. 

Why do you think people prefer less makeup than a full-face of it?  

I think people prefer less makeup rather than a full face of it because less makeup let's our real beauty shine through.  It's more natural and approachable when it's not camouflaging too much. 

What are the telltale signs we are wearing too much?

If we look like we are performing on stage instead of off to the supermarket, it's a telltale sign we're wearing too much.  If we decide to build on every feature, it's a sign we're wearing too much makeup.  For example, a dark eye, dark lip, lots of blush, contouring and full face of foundation is way too much.  Spend time applying and defining makeup to the eyes or the lips, but not both.

Also, if we are wearing a thick full-coverage coat of foundation from forehead to neck and then covered with a lot of powder, it is too much for everyday.  This appears mannequin-like and almost fake.  Finally, wearing too much eye makeup all the time is another sign. Now, for a night out, many women play up the eyes.  But for everyday, ask yourself if you're constantly adding dark shades to eyelids and wearing lots of eyeliner on the top and bottom lash lines.  If so, start by removing the darkest shadow from the bunch and then don't apply liner but instead try a medium-shade shadow to the bottom lash line.  Give it time.  You'll adjust! 

Look out for Part Two of our interview tomorrow with fun tips and tricks, as well as how much makeup is OK for the office and date night!