Evolution Man Launches New Restore & Prevent Skin Care Duo For Guys

With Millenial men now said to be one of the new driving forces in the beauty market, EvolutionMan is debuting a new dyanmic duo for guys to try.

Late night? Overstressed? Now men can try the new EvolutionMan Revitalize Eye Gel. This new formula is said to be any man's weapon for an under eye area that needs attention.

The new formula is made of glycolic and salicylic acid to revitalize skin clarity by exfoliating the buildup of surface cells. Anti-inflammatory agents reduce the look of puffiness. Licorice Extract exerts anti-inflammatory properties soothe the under eye area, while algae and antarctic extract balance the skin's moisture content and elps prevent skin from wrinkling and sagging. 

Formulated to provide maximum results, this product strengthens and firms the delicate skin surrounding the eye on even the toughest guy. The new Eye Gel is said to also brighten the skin and diminish dark circles while cooling to relieve puffiness.

Guys can pair this eye gel with the new EvolutionMan Moisture Portect SPF20. Women aren't the only ones who need to look out for products with anti-aging benefits!

The formula contains antioxidant moisturizers to leave skin refreshed and invigorated. It instantly calms razor burn and irritation to help revitalize skin. And titanium dioxide delivers UVA sun protection. 

Not only do guys get shielded from the sun, but the formula also combats pre-mature aging, while skin beneficial ingredients serve to repair and restore it's youthful appearance.

Great for guys looking for low-maintenance skin care is the nongreasy texture as well. Greasless to the touch and matte in finish, this highly-effective, results-driven moisturizer hydrates and soothes. The formula is also safe for sesnitive skin stypes.

Get on it guys!

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