Chrissy Teigen shared her desire for children during a HuffPost Live interview Thursday. Find out what she had to say about family and sharing her Sports Illustrated cover!

"I swear to you, I thought I would've had one [a family] by now," Teigen said. "So, hopefully we'll just have this Angelina-Brad-type brood. I would love that ... I definitely want a lot of kids, though, and he [John] does as well."

She also explained the pair is open to adoption.

"Oh definitely, of course, very open to that."

"I would love four [children] because I have a very small family, so I would love to have those big Thanksgiving dinners," the model adds.

"In my mind, I have this imagination where I picture everyone gathered around the dinner table and hopefully that ends up working out."

Teigen married musician John Legend last year after dating six years.

As far as sharing her Sports Illustrated cover with fellow models Lily Aldridge and Nina Agdal, Mrs. John Legend squashed rumors of any bad blood between the ladies.

"Everyone is like 'Are you so upset you had to share the cover?' And really, not at all. There couldn't have been two other people that I would want to touch butts with," Teigen stated.

 "Sometimes there is beef, but not with us," she continued.

Teigen, who is known to speak out on social media, also revealed what she finds most difficult about modeling.

"Being a swimsuit model that talks so much on Twitter, everyone thinks that I could definitely pull back, and that you kind of open yourself up to all the criticism. How can you complain about people critiquing your body when you're like LOOK AT MY BODY!"

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