Save Face & Sunblock Your Budget: 10 Skincare Shopping Tips - Part Two

Check out Part Two of our 10 Skincare Shopping Tips to Sunblock Your Budget below!  Click here if you missed Part One:

Double Up. Many face creams offer SPF protection, so there's no need to buy specialized sunscreen for your face. Additionally, using tinted moisturizers during the summer months protects your skin, evens out your skin tone, and keeps you moisturized without the need to shell out extra cash for multiple products. 

Compare Prices. The price of the same skincare product can vary widely by retailer. A quick online search shows a $5.50 difference between the highest price of $17.49 at Walgreens, and the lowest price of $11.99 at Amazon. Keeping in mind you may pay extra for shipping with Amazon, your best bet may be Ulta, whose sale price rings in at $14.87, which you can reduce by $3.50 with their ever-present coupon.

Use Free Samples. Both Ulta and Sephora offer free samples with all purchases. Before you opt for a new scent or eyeliner, peruse their selection of skincare items. Not only will this help you "try before you buy," but you can use these samples during your travels to moisturize your skin on-the-go. For example, subscribers to Sephora's Beauty Insider program can currently get a free, one-month supply of Caudalie Serum with a $25 purchase.

Exercise Portion Control. Applying half the bottle of lotion or sunscreen is not necessary to effectively hydrate and protect your skin. Use sunscreen as directed and apply a nickel-sized dollop to your face and (around two tablespoons) to the other exposed areas of your body. Sunscreens containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide will make your skin appear white until fully absorbed, so it's important not to mistake the paler hue as over-application.

Stock Up During Sale Time. Drugstores and beauty stores occasionally offer sales and promotions on sunscreen. When you happen upon these sales, stock up; sunscreen has a shelf life of three years when stored properly (preferably in a cool, dark place like the bathroom cabinet). If the sunscreen you purchase does not list an expiration date, write the purchase date on the bottle so you can keep track. 

Happy sunblocking!

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