Elke Von Freudenberg started her career as a makeup artist and quickly began receiving a lot of attention for her work on eyebrows. Elke eventually developed her own product line for brow growth and opened her own brow studio. Just what we need!

Elke begins her consolations asking the client how they previously had their brows groomed to understand how the client got to the brow they have today. Elke also asks her clients what kind of an eyebrow do they want to achieve. Using tweezers, she gently and swiftly removes unwanted hairs to reveal the brows you've always wanted. Check out Elke's Q&A with BeautyPress:
How can you shape your eyebrow at home with no stencil?

Go by your natural brow shape. The start of brow can be between the bones of the nose and tearduct of the eye. The arch should be positioned straight up above just the outside the iris of the eye. Don't do it in an angle, it will make the arch too far out causing eyes to look cross-eyed. The brow should end at the end of the eye.

Do you have any tips on how to avoid the itch to pluck eyebrows when trying to grow them out?

When growing out your brows you should clean them up a bit but keep as much hair as you can along the brow shape. Most people don't realize but when you grow out your eyebrows all you really need is two-four rows of hair to grow, not much. 

How to Use Elke The Brow Collection

1) Use elke Brow Scrub ($21) nightly. Take a bit of the product rub it through your eyebrows, above and under your actual brow for a full minute. Rinse.

2) Use elke Brow Serum ($24) right after using the Brow Scrub. Smooth the serum on the brow and on the skin around the brow that needs growth. Do not rinse off.

3) Use elke Brow Smooth ($29) whenever you feel your brows are getting coarse and very thick. This helps tame brows and keeps them in place. Can be used before applying brow makeup.

After 3 weeks of treating brows, women are said to begin to notice hairs growing in places they hadn't never seen before, but have been hoping they'd spring up to fill in those empty spaces. Pretty cool! Shop the collection here.

Are your brows in need of some Elke TLC? Let us know with a note!