When it comes to Instagram, James Franco does not know when to quit.

In recent weeks the Broadway star tried to pick up a 17-year-old girl on his account, and now he uploaded a rather revealing selfie. What is actually going on here?

Late Thursday night, Franco uploaded a picture of him looking in the mirror in his underwear with his hand down his briefs. In the past the actor claimed to be "addicted" to selfies and social media. Perhaps he knew he crossed the line because hours later it was deleted.

Franco opened up to Howard Stern Wednesday about his recent scandal. He apologized yet claimed he acted like a gentleman.

"Here's the thing, the way that the news wants to do it... they make it like, I'm perusing young woman. I'm not going to high schools looking for dates. I'm leaving my work and they're coming there," he explained.

"I was a gentleman, I said, 'Do you have a boyfriend?' and her response was, 'Not when you're around,' so that to me sounds like, OK, she's interested."

As far as the young girl, Franco said it was not her fault.

"Here's what I'll say in her defense - I don't think she posted it knowing what was gonna happen. I was like anybody, just trying to meet somebody. It's just that my dirty s**t gets put out internationally."

"The Pineapple Express" star just loves selfies and has been accused of taking too many. He speaks of this in his New York Times piece "The Meanings of the Selfie."

"It's not like I'm exposing myself or anything," he told AP on Thursday.

Do you think Franco is laughing along with us, or going through an awkward phase with these Insta-scandals? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!