Ever noticed something about your body and thought, "that's just weird?" Well you're not alone. We picked a few of the ones BWN readers have sent us in and decided to crack the code on these beauty queries. See if any apply to you:

Hairy Toes. Practically every beauty junkie shaves or waxes, but we all have out lazy moments. Ever forget to shave and notice that even your toes grow hair on them too? Well fear not, you're not a science mystery. Dr. Oz recently revealed that hair on your toes is actually a good sign that you've got great blood circulation.

Mole Expansion. Holy moley! Ever have a mole and then you notice another, and maybe even another all in and around the same area? Well don't freak out just yet. Moles typically multiply over time and they can be increased by both hormonal changes as well as exposure to the sun. Protect yourself by always wearing sun block and keep a watchful eye on your mole. If it changes in appearance, density or color, consult a dermatologist.

Morning Eye Residue. Ever experience this stuff? It goes by many names including "sleep in the eyes," "eye goo," "eye gunk," and even "eye boogers." Waking up with this stuff either wet or dry in the corners of eyes is normal. In fact, it's helpful to our eyes, as it aids in removing waste and potentially harmful bacteria from tear film. A little of this stuff isn't a big deal.

Crusty Cuticles. This can plagues even the most savvy nail junkie, but it's totally normal.  After the crazy winter and cold spring days we've had, dry cuticles are to be expected. The answer to this is to moisturize and keep skin hydrated. And whatever you do, don't try to cut or remove your cuticles.  They act as a barrier between the elements and your nail bed, so keep these natural nail protectors right where they are.

What other weird body observations have you noticed and want answers to? Tell us with a note below!