One of favorite experts, celebrity dentist, Dr. Joseph Banker is back at it again, offering tips on how to keep teeth their whitest, just in time for spring. Check out the tips he shared with BeautyPress below:

What are some quick ways to help teeth appear whiter?

For women, wearing darker shades of lipstick, particularly red lipstick, can instantly make teeth appear whiter. Some lipstick shades are even secretly tinted with blue shades to specifically make teeth appear whiter. For both men and women, some over-the-counter products can provide fairly quick results (within an hour or so) but just be weary of potential tooth sensitivity issues and gum irritation.

Are there any natural foods/remedies people can consider helping whiten teeth instead of getting a professional teeth whitening?

A paste can be made at home out of baking soda and peroxide and brushed on which will remove surface stains and make teeth whiter. This should not be done too often, as it can be slightly abrasive, but once in a while is fine. 

What foods/drinks should people avoid to prevent teeth stains?

Avoiding dark colored foods and beverages such as coffee, tea, red wine, tomato sauce, soy sauce, certain spices, etc. that can stain the teeth will help teeth stay whiter. 

How often is it safe to use at-home whitening kits like Crest?

This can vary from individual to individual, however the general rule is that using these products for the recommended amount of time will be sufficient. After that initial whitening treatment, generally using whitening products for a single treatment every two months or so will help maintain a white smile. While occasional use will not cause any damage, overuse can damage the enamel and gums over time. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations on over-the-counter products.

What's more effective: At-home teeth whitening strips, gels, toothpastes, or mouthwashes?

The most effective way to whiten teeth is with a custom-whitening tray made specifically for the patient's mouth. A small amount of professional strength whitening gel inside the tray will go a long way. There are a few products you can buy over the counter that are in the form of trays. While they are not custom made, they will move around the least and provide effective whitening. Strips are another effective method but they may not adhere to the entire surfaces of the teeth that are being whitened. The toothpastes and mouthwashes are generally not very effective to whiten teeth but may be useful to maintain a white smile.

What are some teeth whitening tips for people who have white spots on the front teeth? Should there be any precaution taken for people who have these white spots? Will teeth whiten unevenly?

These spots are usually hyper-calcified areas of the teeth and can pose a slight problem in some patients that want to whiten. They often whiten faster than the rest of the tooth and can become more visible during the initial few whitening treatments. As the whitening continues, the rest of the tooth whitens and the colors tend to even out.

What are you doing to keep those pearly whites their brightest? Tell us with a note below!