Are you always inspecting your skin for the next new wrinkle in your crow's feet or laugh lines? Noticing fine lines that weren't there before and now you're freaking out? Either way, this has triggered a skin care, anti-aging panic and you're ready to inject the first filler your doctor recommends.

But before you get ready to head into the office, consider assessing where you are in your botox timeline.

When is the right time to begin Botox? Most people think that the answer is when a person is middle-aged and they begin to notice obvious and unsightly wrinkles. However, the truth is that it is best to start Botox in your mid-late 20s or early 30s, before lines have truly started to form and settle deep into the face. 

Dr. Peter Geldner, Chicago Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, explained how preventative measure earlier on could have great benefits later.

"Botox works best and most effectively when it is used as a preventative measure," the expert explained. "When a younger person uses Botox, they can literally prevent wrinkles from ever forming and they can also 'train' their face to resist certain expressions (such as excessive frowning). Then, as they age, they will need less and less Botox, while still maintaining the same great results." 

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So if you want to get a jumpstart on wrinkles, here's how to do it. "When you first begin Botox, you can start with a minimal application in just a few areas (such as your forehead) in order to help assess where your trouble spots are," Dr. Geldner said.

"As you continue aging, you might also want to consider areas such as your crow's feet. But, as long as you continue going on a regular basis, you will never see the deep wrinkles and tell-tale worry lines that so many people fear. The bottom line is Botox works best as prevention, so don't wait until it is too late."   

Would you try preventative Botox to ward off future fine lines and wrinkles? Tell us with a note below!