Canadian native Avril Lavigne has found herself more complications... Her latest video "Hello Kitty" has received atrocious feedback.

We see the "Sk8r Boi" singer in a cupcake skirt dancing with Japanese dancers. Her attempt to portray Japan's Kawaii culture took social media by storm as #Racistavril was trending on Twitter today.

The video was quickly removed from YouTube, yet can still be viewed on her website.

Us Weekly pulled some tweets, including:

"Not sure if this Avril Lavigne video is terrible, racist, or terribly racist," Desus tweeted.

"Oh Avril, this is literally the worst music I have ever heard," Rachel Zarrell agreed. "And then you had to go and make it kinda racist. Why."

Billboard slammed the video, calling it "an embarrassment in any language." They went as far to call it a "train-wreck" and "unseemly."

Entertainment Weekly agreed, stating, "there are serious questions about whether it's offensive or offensively obvious."

Aside from the video being dubbed offensive, the song received criticism for heavy auto-tune usage and lyrics. One line includes the phrase, "Come, come, kitty, kitty, you're so, pretty, pretty."

CTV compared the transition to Gwen Stefani's solo album for heavy Japanese references. They point out Lavigne is passionate about the country and Hello Kitty.

Not all of Lavigne's fans were outraged by the video. Some chose to express their support for the "Complicated" crooner.

"Let me explain why she is getting heat for this: SHE DID SOMETHING DIFFERENT!" wrote LavigneStrong on Lavigne's website. 

"Waaaaa .. I almost died watching this video, no words can express how happy I am today," added another.

Have you seen Lavigne's new "Hello Kitty" music video? Did you enjoy it or find it flat out offensive? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!