Life is but a breeze for Breezy and his bodyguard...after Chris Brown's bodyguard Christopher Hallosy was found guilty for an assault charge in Washington, D.C., Brown's legal team decided he will testify in the hit maker's trial.

The pair were arrested together after a man claimed they punched him in the face outside of a Washington hotel. According to ABC News Hallosy will be sentenced on June 25 this year and Brown's trial will be moved to Wednesday.

Breezy's defense team would like his bodyguard to testify that it was he, who in fact threw the punch, not Brown. On the contrary, Perez Hilton reports, the prosecutors and defendants must decide if Hallosy will receive immunity. His lawyer Bernard Grimm also stated he would like to appeal his client's conviction.

Brown's mother Joyce Hawkins and girlfriend Karrueche Tran were present for support, and a source reveals to Hollywood Life they "cried" and "grabbed each other's hands."

The source reveals, "Karrueche told me it was hard seeing Chris today.  All she wanted to do was run across the room and give him a hug but she couldn't. She said she and his mom both cried and grabbed each others' hand when they saw him. She said he looked good but tired and all she did was stare at him for the entire minute that he was in the room."

 They continue, "You could tell she was still crying, I heard it in her voice. They're hurting because they don't know what he's going through in there and it's driving then crazy," the source said. "Kae and mama J are together now, consoling each other and trying to stay strong for Chris. He's all they've got and they will be there until this is over."

If one person truly believes in Breezy, it is his lawyer Mark Gregaros. He claims of the matter, "I don't think that there's any doubt Chris Brown is not guilty."

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