Beauty's Sweet Tooth: The Benefits of Chocolate Skin Care

Looking to hydrate, reverse sun damage or simply firm and tone your skin? Try chocolate! 

Elizabeth Garcia Founder of Elizabeth's Secret Beauty Bar is a chocolate cheerleader. Need to pamper your tired dogs? This beauty bar creator says a chocolate pedicure scrub and a chocolate mineral footbath are just the way to go! 

Located in Miami, FL Elizabeth's Secret Beauty Bar offers a variety of different techniques and luxurious treatments. Specializing in facials, waxing, and nails, Elizabeth brings her own secret beauty tips and tricks to the table and ensures the ultimate chocolaty client experience. 

So why is chocolate the main attraction to many of these beauty pampering sessions?

First of all who doesn't love chocolate?! It's considered my many to be the ultimate aphrodisiac because it puts you in a good mood by just the scent alone, which triggers the release of chemicals in the brain. We feel a craving coming on!

Chocolate is also a natural way to exfoliate with essential vitamins. This delicious ingredient also contains rich antioxidants that help to combat free radicals, which are responsible for our cell aging.

Packed full of benefits, there are even more reasons why chocolate can be great in other places besides your mouth. Chocolate also consists of magnesium, calcium and potassium, which assist in reducing stress with its calming effects.

If that wasn't enough, chocolate also contains theobromine. This has a similar reaction to caffeine but it produces a slimming effect on the body. For example, a chocolate facial mask will help hydrate the skin, reverse sun damage, firm and tone the skin. Thus, chocolate scrubs are great for pedicures because of their theobromine components.

Who knew chocolate could be this good for us?! 

Ready to try a chocolate facial or foot scrub? Tell us with a note below!

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