Easter Egg Manicure 2014: Pedicure.Com Previews Spring Nail Polish Forecast While Giving Helpful Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Holiday Themed Design

Easter is literally around the corner and let's face it, this is the time that we dress to impress. But considering you have already picked out a stylish outfit, we have to ask if you have the perfect manicure?

Easter is our reminder that spring is officially here and what better way to welcome in the new season than making a statement with nails that pop!

Lucky for you, Beauty World News chatted up Elise Wright, Editor Directorial of about Easter manicures, trendy colors, the perfect nail polish and more.

BWN: You previously mentioned creating the perfect Easter egg manicure, I would love if you can explain a mini tutorial to readers such as what items they will need to complete it as well as certain colors that they should try to stick to.

EW: Easter egg manicures are all about the pastels - pale blue, pale pink, pale purple, pale yellow. The best two tools for an Easter egg mani are a dotter and a striper - use the dotter to create patterns, and the striper to create, well, stripes! A really simple Easter egg manicure would be the speckled egg, just like those yummy little chocolates. Start with a base colour, like pale blue, and then put random little dots of pink and purple all over. You can change it up by putting a different base color on each finger, like blue on one, pink on the next, for lots of variety.

BWN: Speaking of colors, what are some traditional or unique colors someone should use for their holiday themed nails? Do you have specific colors in mind from certain brands?

EW: Pastel polishes are tricky, because they can sometimes be streaky or not very opaque depending on the formula. Pale yellow is the perfect shade for Easter, but it can be hard to paint on. I really like China Glaze Yellow Fizz because it has loads of pigment in it and you can get solid coverage in two coats. One handy trick I have for wearing pale yellow polish is to put a coat of white underneath it so that the color pops!

BWN: Can you tell me about the Faberge Egg nail art and what it can do for an Easter holiday manicure? Can it be used for an everyday manicure?

EW: The Faberge Egg manicure that our celebrity nail artist Yuko Wada created is quite a complex design! It's beautiful but probably not practical for every day wear unless you have a lot of time on the couch with your striper and dotter tools! That said, you can take the design and make it your own, changing the colors up, or taking out some of the elements.

BWN: How can you pull off your Easter manicure come Monday morning? What colors should you incorporate into you wardrobe to make your nails pop?

EW: The quickest way to make your Easter mani appropriate for the office on Monday is a quick slick of matte topcoat. Matte is a huge trend right now, and mattifying your pastel polish will look super chic. I promise it will work with whatever you are wearing!

BWN: Looking forward, what colors do you see becoming popular for the spring season? Which brands do you get your favorite polishes from?

EW: After seeing all the new collections coming across my desk these last few weeks, anything goes for spring! It's a really mix of delicate pastels and popping brights. Matte will be big in the coming months, and a matte topcoat over a pastel shade creates a beautiful chalky effect. White is also having a moment, and matte white looks so chic and goes with anything. For those who like it bright, there are some beautiful vivid corals hitting the shelves, and these work for fingers and toes. For me, Zoya is always my go-to because their formula is amazing. I am also a life long OPI and Essie devotee - my collection is packed with these two brands. I also love Morgan Taylor lacquer - it's a high end luxe polish at drug store prices, and their range is fabulous.

With these awesome tips and tricks on rocking the ultimate manicure, we will definitely be heading to the nail aisle to snag chic colors for our Easter mani rather than making the journey to the overly crowded nail salon.

If you are looking for more than just a Easter mani or need further help perfecting the ideal manicure head on over to

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