Hands Give Away Age: Tips for Hand Rejuvenation From Expert Dr. Peter Geldner

Expensive facial moisturizers can help to keep your skin smooth, supple and ageless, but your face isn't the only part of your body that gives away your true age.

Look a little lower and you'll see the real giveaway is your hands. In fact, most people say that a woman's hands are one of the best ways to judge just how old she is. Luckily, there is a way to turn back the clock.

Dr. Peter Geldner, Chicago Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, knows all the ways hands let the cat out of the bag. "Like the rest of our bodies, our hands show signs of aging that may include brown spots, thinning skin, wrinkles, and large veins. However, a few minor non-invasive hand rejuvenation treatments can be done successfully with impressive results."

Consider the following from this skin care expert:

  • Brown spots: Dr. Geldner says, "Brown spots on the hands can be treated topically with a daily application of hydroquinone cream." If that doesn't work, Dr. Geldner suggests trying microdermabrasion to remove the top layer of skin.
  • Fine wrinkles/Pigmentation problems: Fine wrinkles and pigmentation may benefit from a chemical peel. Light TCA-peels are most effective for eliminating uneven pigmentation in the long term and smoothing the skin. Daily use of a good hand cream containing glycolic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Beta-carotene is also recommended.
  • "Bony" hands: With age and sun damage, the skin of the hands may also begin to atrophy, leaving hands with a bony appearance. Dr. Geldner explains, "A procedure known as a fat transfer can soften wrinkles, cover prominent veins and tendons, and disguise enlarged joints on the hands. It restores the soft tissue that is lost with age or disease, and helps fill out grooves between the bones of the hand, as well as help improve the color and texture of the skin."

Remember the story we did on SJP's Zombie Hands? If a little hand rejuvenation can help keep our age a secret, why not?

How do you care for your hands? Let us know with a few of your tips below!

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