It looks like Brittany S. Pierce is officially back! Actress Heather Morris will be reprising her role on "Glee" season 5.

The blonde beauty who portrays the lovable Cheerios cheerleader at McKinley High with hot dance moves will be making the big move to New York City, according to E! News.

The starlet is set to appear on the show for the May 13th episode which will mark the season finale.

However, although things are not set in stone as to whether she will return for season 6, sources revealed that producers would love to have the 27-year-old actress back.

The transition back to acting might prove tricky for Morris who left the show when she became pregnant and is currently in the midst of enjoying her baby boy, 7-month-old Elijah.

During the "Glee"100th episode celebration Naya Rivera's onscreen love interest spoke about her son.

She said, "He's great! I love being a mom," adding, "Boys are the greatest, it's so fun."

Back in June 2013 Heather Morris decided that she would not return as a series regular for "Glee's" current season.

However, she made her way back in the two-part 100th episode where she and Santana (Naya Rivera) decided to run away with each other to Lesbos Island to rekindle their romance.

Following their romantic vacation the two have plans to return to New York City together.

Sources confirmed that although Rivera would be missing for at least two episodes this season she will return to the series.

In addition to that, "Glee" season 5 will be cut short. The hit fox musical series will be airing fewer episodes this season cutting down the traditional order of 22 that the series has produced for the past four seasons to 20.

The shorter season is due to the shocking death of star Cory Monteith.

Apparently, 20 episodes is all that can be squeezed in following the filming of the two-part Beatles tribute premiere and the emotional tribute episode honoring Monteith's character Finn Hudson plus the month long break from production.

The "Glee" season 5 finale will air Tuesday, May 13th at 8 p.m. on Fox.