Considering going under the knife?  You're not alone.  In fact, not only do many opt to have plastic surgery, many are doing it out of the country for a more affordable rate in price.

Known as 'plastic surgery tourism,' the rise of patients seeking to get thee most bang for as little buck is helping to spur the trend of inexpensive cosmetic procedures that would typically cost way more.

The rise in plastic surgery procedures has led patients to seek out alternatives to procedures that are more affordable. And who can blame them? However when it comes to plastic surgery, shopping for a bargain deal is not recommended.

Most recently a woman in her late twenties flew to Santo Domingo for a tummy tuck at a discounted price. She suffered from a pulmonary embolism the day after her surgery and died on the operating table.

Chicago based board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Gregory Wiener discussed the risks related to international plastic surgery with us. "International plastic surgery can be luring with discounted rates, new procedures and less rules and regulations to abide by," said Dr. Wiener.

"Unfortunately, they can also be very risky. I advise any patients or individuals considering plastic surgery to play it safe and use a board-certified plastic surgeon for all procedures."

In addition, according to the U.S Centers for Disease Control, at least 19 women developed serious wound infections following cosmetic procedures from international surgeries, specifically in the Dominican Republic.

"The looser regulations allow more risks of bacteria and violations of bio-sanitary issues to be present in the operating rooms abroad. It's simply not worth the risk to save a few bucks," warned Dr. Wiener.

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